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        Emergency Denture Repairs

        Dentures can crack, break and loosen. Teeth, bases and clips may become damaged, broken, chipped or even lost. Coorparoo Denture & Dental Clinic will provide emergency denture repairs so they can continue improving your dental health.

        While we do not perform an after-hours service for repairs, we do make all possible effort to complete your repairs within the same day. (Please note, time of arrival and severity of repairs may result in next day completion.)

        Visit Our Expert Dentists

        As soon as your dentures break, call and book an emergency denture repair appointment with our experienced dental prosthetist. In an emergency, we will likely be able to see you soon. We will be able to repair your dentures as soon as possible, depending on the type of damage experienced.

        The Procedure

        Dentures may break for a number of reasons:

        Dropped – In order to avoid dropping and cracking your dentures, it is recommended that you remove them over a sink of water or over a towel.
        Wear – As dentures age, they may crack due to flexing and general use.
        Developed Crack – A crack can develop into a significant fracture over time.

        The procedure depends on the type of breakage. Some dentures will need to be relined and replaced, while others may be repaired by us.

        Avoid Home Repairs

        The first thing that may come to mind when your dentures break is attempting a home repair. However, this is something that should be avoided. Home repairs will more than likely end up further damaging your dentures.

        Adjusting clasps and wires

        We strongly advise against adjusting clasps and wires yourself. These wires are very fragile and easy to break.

        Knowledge and Experience

        Fixing dentures is not as easy as simply gluing them together – knowledge and experience is required. That is why it is better you bring your dentures to us where we will be able to fix them without causing further damage.