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        Affordable Dental Services in Coorparoo, Brisbane

        Great customer service and Modern facilites

        At Coorparoo Dental & Denture Clinic we have been providing trouble-free dental services to our Brisbane patients since 1992.  A large part of what we do is preventative dental work. We want our patients, some that have seen us for many years, to avoid costly dental work with regular cleans and fillings when needed.

        Our aim is simple, to offer affordable family dental services to Brisbane residents. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable service and working with you to reduce any fears you may have relating to dental procedures.

        We are HICAPS providers and accept medicare team vouchers. Call us or fill out the contact form for more information.

        Dental Crowns

        A crown is a cover that sits over a tooth that may have been broken or weakened, with the purpose of returning the tooth to its former strength and natural shape. Crowns can be made from stainless steel, all metal (such as gold), porcelain-fused-to-metal, all resin, or all ceramic.


        Dental Bridges

        If you are missing one or more teeth, a bridge may be fitted to stop the surrounding teeth from moving out of place and will be anchored by one or more crowns to restore the appearance and function. Bridges can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials.


        Teeth whitening

        Tooth whitening is a procedure that works to lighten teeth, removing stains and discolouration. Get your teeth whiter and have a brighter smile from the comfort of your own home using a custom made whitening tray.


        Dental services

        We provide all types of dental services and treatments including sports mouthguards and anti snoring devices*. Our highly trained staff will work with you to determine the most appropriate service and treatment to suit both your needs and budget.

        *Referral required