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        Coorparoo Dental & Denture clinic has been looking after denture patients in Brisbane for over 25 successful years. Our expert team, led by Tony Wood, aims to provide the best possible service and products to our denture patients and we are proud of our reputation as a leading denture clinic in the Brisbane area. Continuity of care is guaranteed at Coorparoo Dental & Denture Clinic where we endeavour to provide trouble-free dentures and denture related services to our patients.

        Free initial consultations for all our denture services

        Our friendly team of denture experts can restore your smile even when natural teeth are lost. Because modern dentures fit very comfortably in the mouth, they make it easy to eat, talk and smile without having to worry about gaps in your teeth. Getting a denture will give you an instant confident boost as well as reducing signs of ageing, providing protection for your remaining teeth.  We genuinely care about our patients and are happy to discuss any questions you may have about our denture services.

        Coorparoo Dental & Denture Clinic also provide Hicaps for patients with health fund memberships and we are registered with Dept of Veterans’ Affairs.


        Dentures are custom-made replacements for missing teeth, Not only do we manufacture dentures, we can adjust, repair, reline and clean. We also make and fit sports mouthguards. You can be confident of receiving the very best denture care possible.

        Denture Repairs

        We offer a repair service for all types of dentures including emergency care for when accidents happen. Although they are made to be strong and durable, denture repair is occasionally necessary due to normal wear and tear, such as when a tooth is loosened or chipped, or the plate suffers a fracture.

        Full Dentures

        Full dentures are used when no natural teeth remain in the mouth. They are custom-made to look and feel natural in the mouth and will last for many years. Eating and speaking feels easy and instinctive, while still giving you a great, natural-looking smile

        Partial Dentures

        We make bespoke partial dentures for patients who have healthy natural teeth remaining. A partial denture clips to your existing teeth to keep it safely anchored in the mouth and can be worn on the upper or lower jaw, or both.

        Implant Dentures

        Implant-retained dentures use a metal implant to hold your dentures firmly in place for maximum comfort and natural appearance. A number of implants will be placed in your jaw so that your denture can be fixed over the top.

        Dental Services

        We also provide a range of dental services including crowns, bridges, teeth whitening. Our highly trained team will work with you to determine the most appropriate dental service and treatment to suit both your needs and budget.

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        We don’t mind helping out with all your questions no matter how big or small. Please check our FAQ to check see if there are any relevant answers. If not shoot us an email

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